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About Our University

We are one of the largest, most diverse, and only university in the northwest city of Russia bordering Estonia, Latvia, and Belarus with over 10,000 students, including 1300+ foreign students. Few hundered students graduate from PSKOV State Medical University every year.

PSKOV State University (PskovSu) was founded in 1932 for the public benefit, to provide training of specialists of higher and secondary education by merging of 5 leading educational institutions of the Pskov Region. PSKOV has offered access to wide range of academic programme including MBBS, which is recognized by MCI, WHO, UNESCO.


Faculty of Medicine

PSKOV State Medical University has the best medical faculty in northwest of Russia, lead by renowned professors and medical technologists. Modern approach is used for teaching & research process to make sure that students get hands on practical session as well.



University has over 22 educational buildings, medical, rehabilitation centre, swimming pool, sport arena, and 12 student dormitories with reading rooms, recreation rooms, gyms, a leisure center, mess, and internet access. Library of Pskov State University is the largest in whole Pskov region.


Educational Programs

University training is conducted in 178 educational programs including graduation and doctoral programme which is recognized worldwide. The University is also involved into international exchange programs and partners with 93 foreign institutions of higher education in 24 countries


Campus Life

PSKOV State University has not only high education standards, but also a quite vibrant and eventful campus life. Variety of extracurricular activities are organized by university for students to help them explore their interest. A lot of cultural events are also held by PSKOV every year.

Quality Education
Educational Activities
Recognized Worldwide

Why Choose Pskov State Medical University?

We focus on providing quality education to students and always thrive to teach them in the best possible way with hands on training, lab activities and research.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers give top priority to the quality of education provided to the students. The total number of employees is more than 1000; among the academic staff and 800 full time teachers.

Institute of Life Long Education

Life long education in PskovSU is one of the promising areas of educational activities, an important component of the education system that can integrate different levels and forms of education in order to have more flexible learning paths, and to implement the principle of "education through life."

Offer a variety of educational routes, such as vocational training programs; retraining programs; professional development programs; programs of general education; pre-university education programs.

Russia's Renowned University

Pskov State Medical university and it's courses are recognized worldwide. Every year, students from around the globe enrolled in the educational programs provided by the university.

Currently, more than 1300 foreign citizens from 41 countries of the world study in PSKOV State university. All the medical courses of PskovSu is approved by UNESCO,MCI, and WHO. Students can apply for job in any world after doing medical degree from Pskov State Medical university.


PSKOV State University has 12 comfortable dormitories which can accomodate 3000+ people. All dormitories provide conditions for living, studying, leisure, and free wifi access, gyms, and recreation rooms.The dormitories are being protected 24/7.

Sport Arena

There are 20 different sport clubs on PskovSu. Sport Arena includes 9 gyms, an open-air stadium, 3 skiing lodges, a shooting gallery, and a swimming pool. More than 5000 students are involved in university sports and Classes are held under the supervision of 25 instructors.

Medical and Rehabilitation

Medical department of university provide immense care for students and university staff. Physical therapy and treatment rooms are built for providing first aid, primary medical care (therapy, family medicine,pediatrics), pre-hospital care and much more.